Radical Change in Canada’s Population

The Government of Canada is busy changing the demographic make-up of Canada, a conclusion revealed in the September 8th, 2022, report by Statistics Canada, called “Canada in 2041″. Its demographic picture of Canada only 18 years from now is radically different from the country that was built by immigrants who came mostly from Europe (96% demographic per1971 census). It will look more like one populated from Asia and Africa. By 2041, traditional Canadians (those of European descent) will become a minority of the population. In the major cities where immigrants tend to go the change will be even more dramatic. The Toronto population, for example, will become approximately 38.6% south Asian (India, Pakistan), 20% traditional Canadians (from 86% in 1981) and the remainder from the Orient or Africa. These figures for other races correspond to immigrants and first generation children.
The proportion of the the population that consists of other races will almost double from 22.2% in 2016 to 38.2%-43% in 2041. People of south Asian origin will be the largest group with other Asian sources (Orient, Philippines) being large also, but the Black population will grow to equal the Chinese population. The groups from Western Asia and Arabs will grow the fastest because of an average annual growth rate between 3.7 and 5.1% while the average growth rate of all racial/ethnic groups combined is between 2.9% and 4.2% which is well above the average annual growth rate of the Canadian population as a whole (between 0.7% and 1.5%). This low Canadian birth rate, combined with high immigration- proposed to increase to a half million per year- will cause the diminution of Canadians of European descent to a minor component of the population. The loss of hegemony is well underway, with many organizations, particularly government ones and their dependents, implementing quotas in their hiring and promotions, as required to build the envisioned society.
The government’s design for Canadian society is being implemented by the most comprehensive and pervasive propaganda campaign ever seen in this country. All main stream media (MSM)- news, entertainment and advertisements- carry incessant messaging extolling the virtues of diversity and inclusiveness while the contradiction with logic and actual human experience is never mentioned. Logically, it is solidarity, not diversity, that creates strength and the adage ‘birds of a feather flock together’ probably applies to human society and is already evident in city enclaves. Yet, movies and television programs, including the commercials, carry messages, both subtle and overt, that are intended to condition Canadians to cooperate in the transformation of their country into a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-language population. In addition, many organizations, including private businesses and universities, go along with the conversion by way of brushing aside traditional Canadians in hiring and promotions.
No politician in any government, no MSM network, no MSM journalist, no intellectual forum, nor any published author is asking,“why is this happening?” In fact, it reflects the targets of the 2022–2024 Immigration Levels Plan released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in February 2022. That is, it is deliberate Government of Canada policy, which means Liberal- NDP policy. Secondly, it appears to be the Canadian manifestation of a globalist program of unfettered idealism to remove all country borders. No one asks if this is the right road for Canada to go down. It is as though the entire population is caught in a mass hysteria to give their country away. The sense of taking a country that is essentially homogeneous by race and infusing various identifiable races and cultures from other parts of the world is apparent only to converts to the idealism. It could be compared to taking the set-up of different buildings at Disney World, each with its distinctive theme, and mixing them in a common building. The real world consists of a mosaic of different cultures, beliefs and languages that exist in individual countries and make for an interesting world. Mixing them together in the same country may have negative consequences.
What is the future of Canadian society if it is mixed with a variety of foreign cultures? The first effect is loss of hegemony by the white population. Although it is a feature of the country inherited from earlier generations and not a constructed fault, there are forces at work to break it down through quotas in hiring and promotions for non-white people. This can be expected to expand as such people become more numerous. Accompanying this is the fading in importance of Canadian history. Newcomers have no connection to it and naturally regard it as not their history. Added to the indifference there have been ideological zealots who toppled statues of historical figures, e.g., John A. MacDonald, and A.E. Ryerson.
That is a fundamental question to be addressed in regard to immigration policy but it is not addressed or discussed. The prospect of bringing into Canada wholesale foreign cultures and languages, including their faults, social problems and bad beliefs (mostly concerning human rights) is not discussed. Rather, blind hope that the future Canada will be viable, peaceful and harmonious country seems to carry the day. Instead, these issues should be reviewed carefully by all Canadians who contemplate realistically what the future Canada will look like.
The StatsCan report predicts the country in only eighteen years. One can easily extrapolate out another twenty or thirty years and see a country where the people who are descended from European immigrants are a minor group, far outnumbered by people from the other side of the world, at least if present birth rates persist. It is also clear that those immigrant groups that have the highest birth rates will inherit the country. Presently, that is people from the Middle East. The Canada built out of the wilderness by immigrants who came mostly from Europe will pass into history and their worry, sweat, pain and occasional shedding of blood in wars will be forgotten. “Does anybody care?” is the question for today.

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