The Case Against Abortion

To resolve the question of whether or not a baby in the womb of its mother may be terminated solely at her discretion requires a proper analysis of the situation. The pro-abortion camp maintains that the baby is part of the mother’s body. However, the baby is connected to the mother’s body only through the umbilical cord and, unlike permanent parts of her body, is unnecessary for any function. Therefore, the baby is not an intrinsic part of the mother’s body. When the baby emerges from the womb it is perfectly clear that it is a new body, that of a new human being. If this is the essence of it why is that essence different when it is in the womb? Logically, the essence is the same, which is a new person, separate from its host’s body. If one believes that every human being has certain fundamental rights that simply go with being a person then the baby has those rights. The first and foremost of them is the right to personal security. Therefore, abortion is a most serious violation of this right and should be prohibited by law.

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