What Are Human Rights, Really?

This article challenges the prevailing doctrine on human rights. It presents a development of true basic rights and shows what is wrong in the UN declaration of rights. The intent is to correct the confusion caused by the propagation of false rights.

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Correcting Capitalism

The article maintains that ownerships are incorrectly assigned to things created in the capitalism system and that this is the root cause of the system being unfair to so many contributors. It argues that correcting these faults in accordance with the real rights of participants will result in a system that is more fair and righteous. Wealth will tend to accrue to those who create tangible or intangible things of value in the economic system. Return on investments will tend to be lower but more reliable.

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The Value and Importance of Human Rights

(2014 May 17 speech to the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa in Toronto)

My topic today is the value and importance of human rights. To illustrate the value of such rights I would like to use an …

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The Basic Faults with Capitalism

The Occupy Movement against capitalism does not appear to express anything other than a general discontent that cannot find a definition. There should be much more to it than that because there are real faults with capitalism. The most reported …

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Why Legislating Same Sex Marriage Is Wrong

When government legislates that homosexual couples may marry they take away the right of the heterosexual population to have an exclusive institution that manifests their heterosexuality. Yet, people have a fundamental right - arguably included in the "Right of Association"- to join together in an exclusive institution of their own.

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