Reply to those against a two state solution in Palestine

You are analyzing the situation as you would a game event on a game board. The game board was designed by lawyers and should be thrown away if you want a fair solution. Return to a clean sheet of paper

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You-Tube Course in Human Rights

A condensed version of “Human Rights, What Are They Really?” has been uploaded to You-Tube as a short course in human rights. It is in 3 segments-

Segment 1: Elements of a right and natural rights

Segment 2: …

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About terrorism…

posted on facebook on 2016 Dec 27-

Terrorism grows among people who look at the world as an assembly of groups, where a single person is insignificant in comparison to the group. Then it is not important that some individuals

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About religious freedom…

I keep reading and hearing talk of religious freedom but never is there a definition of what it means. As I see it, it means that a person may choose to believe whatever theory of the supernatural and its earthly …

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Reply to “Fundamentalist intolerance is degrading assembly and association rights worldwide – UN expert”

As I see it the main fundamental problem in the world is the failure by so many people to distinguish optional beliefs from firm reality. Pythagoras theorem is an example of firm reality because it can be shown to be …

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