Worlds and perceptions

Each of us sees the world thru our ability to perceive it. So, at any moment there are 7,400 million perceptions, yet only one actual world. The wise do not overlook this.…

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Filed under: Social media comments | July 13th, 2020

On gay pride parade et al

The gay pride parade is advertised as a promotion of equal rights. That is a front. The real purpose is to promote the idea that homosexuality and its variants are equal in value to heterosexuality and therefore should have the …

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Filed under: Social media comments | July 1st, 2020

On trading by human rights record

“If Canada is to avoid trading with a country that does not respect human rights, those rights must be unquestionably true fundamental rights that every person in the world has. Some of the declared rights, by the UN for example, …

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Filed under: Comments to gov't organizations | June 16th, 2020

Comment at yahoo about race riots

For racial prejudice to be systemic in Canada or the US it would have to be designed into the economic system. I don’t see that it is. The confusion arises because there are so many people who are prejudiced and …

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Filed under: Comments on News Stories | June 5th, 2020

At Quora- comment on Palestine Issue

With reference to The Theory of Human Rights in my current book Government for a New Age (2020), firstly, land is not owned, it is held. Therefore, a group may move to another part of the planet but are subject …

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