Letter to Religious Freedom Institute

To Religious Freedom Institute,
The subject of religious freedom is confusing the world because the meaning is not clear. Socialists believe that it means one can practice his/her religion wherever he/she is. The political leaders of the Western World, being …

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Reply to linkedin art. Are Human Rights and Democracy Universal Concepts?

A concept is more than a thought, it is a constructive thought. “Universal” means applicability all over the world. Pythagoras’ theorem is universal because it can be shown to be true anywhere in the world (or the universe for that …

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Dignity and Freedom in the Eyes of the Law

The decision by the US supreme court was apparently based on the mistaken notion that marriage is a government institution and consequently every citizen has an equal right to it. Actually, marriage was created before recorded history as a ritual …

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Gross violations of the right to education in Chile: time to act


  • Education is not a human right. In the 1940’s idealists wrote it into the UN declaration but the right was invented to support their notion of an ideal society. True rights are discovered, not invented. Having said that education

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U.N. nuclear agency backs report despite Russian protest over Crimea

The Crimea is not, nor will it ever be legitimately part of Russia in my view until a proper referendum is taken in which nearly everyone who can votes. Then the territory should be divided according to the proportions indicated …

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