U.N. nuclear agency backs report despite Russian protest over Crimea

The Crimea is not, nor will it ever be legitimately part of Russia in my view until a proper referendum is taken in which nearly everyone who can votes. Then the territory should be divided according to the proportions indicated …

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News story: US Top Court Backs Muslim Woman Denied Job Over Head Scarf

This case is a demonstration of misunderstandings of fundamental rights and religious freedom. In the first place the owners of a business have the right to run it any way they choose as long as they do not offend someone’s …

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Free e-book for remainder of 2014

You can obtain a pdf electronic file of the book Human Rights, What Are They Really? by requesting same to rshiggins@truehumanrights.com Your free file will be sent by reply email on condition you do not re-transmit.…

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Comment on “Cardinal Urges Trudeau to Drop Abortion Benchmark…”

Every person has the right to decide at what point in its development in the womb a fetus has acquired the fundamental rights that every human being has. The first right is to personal security. In the case of abortion …

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Comment on Yahoo news: UK retailer M&S apologises after Muslim worker refused to sell alcohol

A store or any business may require a worker to do anything that doesn’t offend his/her rights. If the worker doesn’t want to do certain things then he/she must find another employer. That may be the price of adhering to

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