Comment to Iran Academia in Netherlands

I hope I am not seeing the spread of the modern political paradigm into Iran. This paradigm is the idea that the purpose of government is to engineer society along the lines of socialist liberal philosophy. It has a firm grip on the Western democracies and is spreading around the world.
A basic tenet of this philosophy is the UN declaration of human rights. This document was made up by socialist thinkers in the first half of the 20th century. Their purpose was not to discover what human rights were but to design societies in accordance with their values and morality. They invented rights to support their vision. The “right to an education” is an example. After recognizing that a person needs an education to get along in a modern society it is assumed that he/she has a right to have this need provided by other people. It cannot be shown, however, that a need begets a right. There is more explanation of rights at web site

Filed under: Comments to NGO's | April 13th, 2013