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2020 Jan 31GfaNAfrontCover

New book tackles the reinvention of government.

Government for a New Age presents advanced political theory and a new, generic Constitution.

About the book-
Citizens of today are cheated, bothered and endangered by systemic problems that still remain despite decades of government’s efforts. Wealth continues to accrue to incredibly few, illicit drugs have killed more people than a war, and radical ideology that is trying to create a utopia inserts itself into our minds from all media. A new kind of government that takes responsibility for solving these problems is needed, not only for present generations but for those to come. The future of nations and government is at stake.
New political theory lays the foundation for a better kind of government and a generic constitution shows how it can be implemented in any country. The theory is supported by a new definition of fundamental rights that protect every citizen regardless of what group he/she can be identified with. That a woman has the same rights as a man and the same freedom to manage her life is made clear in the theory. Government that is much more effective and efficient can generate a new age of justice, opportunity and freedom.
About the author-
Robert Stephen Higgins is a mechanical design engineer who took early retirement from the power industry to apply his training and experience in engineering analysis, which accepts nothing but the correct answer, to the question of human rights. An in-depth, objective analysis culminated with his first book Human Rights, What Are They Really? (2008) which has been available as an electronic book (ebook) from many online sellers and a print book from his web site In 2020 January the print book also became available on Amazon’s web site.
Building from the first book he wrote Government for a New Age which was also made available in January, 2020 from Amazon for the print book and Kindle ebook. Both books exhibit the disciplined engineering approach and new ideas in the fields of political and social sciences.
The author would be grateful for reviews that would aid in book promotion.
Contact information-

Robert Stephen Higgins
Tel. 519-823-1554
Guelph, Ontario

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