Fundamental Rights

Natural Rights

Certain natural ownerships can be discerned in the basic circumstance of an individual person among his kind. These ownerships beget natural rights that accrue to every person regardless of gender, race, tribe, religion, culture or national identity. These rights are:

  •  Every person owns himself/herself, body and mind.
  •  Every person owns what he/she has created in every situation.
  •  Everyone has an equal claim on what Nature/God has provided.
  •  Animals can be kept by a person through an arrangement with the community whereby the person takes responsibility for the animals.


Subsidiary Rights

Natural rights imply more explicit subsidiary rights that can be practically applied and enforced. They also complete the definition of true human rights.

  1. Right to personal security and inviolability.
  2. Right to choose one’s beliefs.
  3. Right to manage one’s life
  4. Right of ownership over what one creates, whether in service to himself/herself or to others.
  5. Right to security of what one owns.
  6. Right of access to the natural environment, subject to rules on its care and use.
  7. Right of every person of a country to equal compensation for the exploitation of natural resources.
  8. Right of every permanent resident of a country to an equal portion of  available land, measured by value.
  9. Right to own animals, subject to regulations imposed by the affected community.
    Observations and qualifications on the theory– Conceivably, there could be more subsidiary rights derived from the natural rights.
    The theory contains no rights invented for a purpose because the theory is completely objective.
    Being absolute and universal the rights stand against any person or group regardless of what authority they claim. That includes the will of the majority.
    Every man-made thing has an owner which makes for a market in man-made goods.
    The rights allow freedom of action in various areas on the assumption that the subject is of sound mind. If not, then others may override the subject for his/her own good.
    The rights of a group are the sum of the rights of the constituent members, no less and no more.

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