Fundamental Rights

Natural Rights

Certain natural ownerships can be discerned in the basic circumstance of an individual person among his kind. These ownerships beget natural rights that accrue to every person regardless of gender, race, tribe, religion, culture or national identity. These rights are:

  •  Every person owns himself/herself, body and mind.
  •  Every person owns what he/she has created in every situation.
  •  Everyone has an equal claim on what Nature/God has provided.
  •  Animals can be kept by a person through an arrangement with the community whereby the person takes responsibility for the animals.


Subsidiary Rights

Natural rights imply more explicit subsidiary rights that can be practically applied and enforced. They also complete the definition of true human rights.

  1. A person has a right to personal security and inviolability.
  2. A person has freedom of conscience, allowing him/her to choose from among all given or new hypotheses and constructs concerning religion, political disposition, social theories, philosophy, etc.
  3. A person has the right to associate with others and to choose his/her associates.
  4. A person owns what he/she has created whether in service to himself/herself or to others.
  5. A person has a right to security of his/her property.
  6. Group rights are the aggregate of members’ rights, no less and no more.
  7. Every person is an equal owner of the natural environment and has a right to enjoy it.
  8. Every person of a country has a right to equal compensation for the exploitation of natural resources.
  9. Every permanent resident of a country has a right to an equal portion of  land, measured by value.
  10. The community (usually through its government) has the right to take control of animals kept by a person when that person defaults in his responsibility to control or take care of the animals.

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