On Calgary mayor using taxpayers money against Bill 21

Posted 2021 Dec 20 at Rebel News web site…
I have another reason for disagreeing with the Calgary mayor, and with Adam Soos (Rebel News) BTW. One true human right is that a person may set the rules of behaviour in premises that he/she/they own. The rules may limit religious symbols, including ostentatious ones like a hijab. In public premises such as schools, which are owned in common by the citizens (thru their government), the rules are set by consensus. They may limit religious symbols and attire. Bill 21 of the Quebec government therefore conforms to true human rights.
The opposition tacitly posits that the government’s role is to design society, which implies that rules may be set up for achieving a total condition in society that meets the design, irrespective of rights. The design includes the notion that a person may practice his/her religion wherever he/she is. Such a condition conflicts with true fundamental rights as described above.

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