On gay pride parade et al

The gay pride parade is advertised as a promotion of equal rights. That is a front. The real purpose is to promote the idea that homosexuality and its variants are equal in value to heterosexuality and therefore should have the same status. It is simply a choice like choosing a career. That message is false. Homosexuality et al does not bring new people into the world to replace those who die and therefore has less value to society than heterosexuality which does. In addition, most people feel that they have a natural life purpose in bringing a child into the world and experiencing their development into an adult. That child is the physical embodiment of the connection between the mother and father and carries their physical essence. Homosexual relationships lack that value.
In our time there are probably few people who deny that a person has a right to choose homosexuality, so the parade is redundant. The parade and all the in-your-face exposure to homosexuality is about values, not rights.

Posted on Intellectual Dark Web on 2020 July 1

Filed under: Social media comments | July 1st, 2020