Open letter to Int’l Leadership Academy of Ethiopia

I read the entire description of the International Leadership Academy at the Idealist site and was very impressed with the scale and depth of your efforts.
Permit me to make two suggestions for your consideration.
1. The large scale use of computers for teaching. Computers can teach by pre-recorded lectures by exceptional teachers, selected educational television programs and by interactive instructional programs. These applications do not require the latest computers because computer advances were mainly to facilitate internet usage and computer gaming with ever more elaborate graphics. Educational computers only need to play DVD’s and rather simple (graphically) programs transmitted on an in-school intranet. They do not need to be connected to the internet. I believe that computers that are considered out-dated in North America and Europe could be obtained free in a properly designed collection program. The cost of this and for transportation would be the only costs. Full size classrooms and even school buildings are not necessary, only cubicles for individual instruction. Students can learn at their own pace and students can be of any age. Indeed, this method includes the practicality of teaching mature adults.
2. Include thorough instruction in fundamental rights in your curriculum. Knowledge of and acceptance of the theory of true human rights is a base on which a peaceful, constructive society can be built. There is more explanation of fundamental rights at my web site I can send a free pdf copy of the book for your evaluation if you choose.
I see from the writeup that you have an international focus. It is clear to me, however, that many countries are going down the wrong avenue on fundamental rights, particularly as they are incorporated in laws and government operations. The Western World, in particular, is stuck in what I call the modern political paradigm. This is the belief that the purpose of government is to design society. In practice, they have repeatedly shown a willingness to ignore any fundamental rights that get in the way. A better vision of human life is a system in which a person’s fundamental rights are respected by all others and protected by government while otherwise the person has the maximum practical amount of freedom.
It is encouraging to see a progressive program such as yours.

Filed under: Comments to NGO's | June 5th, 2013