Open letter to Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Centre

It will help people of different religious faiths to live together if they understand the nature of religious faith. It is in all cases a body of theory about a supposed supernatural reality and is based on the hypothesis of a conscious, sentient being (God). The essentials of the faith cannot be proven; therefore, acceptance of the faith is (or should be) by choice. Further, since every person owns himself/herself, mind and body, he/she has the right to make his/her own choice. There is no basis, therefore, for interfaith antagonism, nor for coercion or pressure within the community of faith. It is most unfortunate that in the teaching of religion to children it has been presented as fact, often with punishment for not accepting it. This has resulted in irrational people in large numbers. They practice a policy of artificial differentiation and exclusion. In too many cases the indoctrination of children has resulted in fanatical adults who are hateful and murderous. These are the real problems with unrealistic faith and the ones you should address.

Filed under: Comments to NGO's | September 6th, 2013