Reply to those against a two state solution in Palestine

You are analyzing the situation as you would a game event on a game board. The game board was designed by lawyers and should be thrown away if you want a fair solution. Return to a clean sheet of paper and see that every person in Palestine has an equal claim on all that Nature provided. Who can deny that? The aggregate claim by the Palestinian people entitles them to a proportional share of what Nature provided in Palestine. On that equity they can create a new country that is their own. No person or group in Palestine “owns” land; they only have a claim. Israel, like all countries, controls certain land, delineated by its boundaries on a map, for as long as it can resist challengers. That is the position of Israel (as all countries) and it would be better for long term stability, especially in view of continual discord, to negotiate a peace with the Palestinian nation that respects their equity in Palestine.


Filed under: Comments on News Stories | August 28th, 2017