True Human Rights, The Book.

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Filed under: | December 18th, 2012

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You-Tube Course in Human Rights

A condensed version of “Human Rights, What Are They Really?” has been uploaded to You-Tube as a short course in human rights. It is in 3 segments-

Segment 1: Elements of a right and natural rights

Segment 2: …

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The Division in America

The United States, ahead of everybody else as usual, is manifesting a latent philosophical difference between people. Some people believe that a person is born into a club and is therefore obliged to obey the rules of the club. The …

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Cultural relativism and human rights

On linkedin, about cultural relativism in the United Nations human rights council..

True human rights are not relative to culture. They are realized by objective analysis in a similar way that the laws of science and mathematics were realized. These

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Are You Right Wing or Left Wing?

Keep track of your disposition on the issues below and you will find out if your political philosophy is right wing or left wing.

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Open letter to CPC leader Erin O’Toole

2020 Sep 25

To: Hon. Erin O’Toole
Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario

Subject: Open letter on conservatism in the CPC

Dear Mr. O’Toole,

I will tell you up front that I did not …

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New book “Governance for a New Era”

This book was published for several months under the title “Government for a New Age” but was unpublished because the title was used before by another author. The re-titled book was published at Amazon on 2020 June 30. It is …

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