The Division in America

The United States, ahead of everybody else as usual, is manifesting a latent philosophical difference between people. Some people believe that a person is born into a club and is therefore obliged to obey the rules of the club. The management is called “the government” and the club is called Society. A basic rule of the club is that every member is responsible for every other.

The other disposition is that a person is born as a free agent into a situation and therefore belongs to any club only by volition. The government is the creation of the people of a country for their purposes. Consequently, it is responsible to the people and can be altered by them.

The first disposition is the essence of left wing politics and the second is right wing. In the democratic systems of today, one or the other will dominate the whole. The dominated may become quite vocal in their discontent and that is what we hear now.

The best solution, in my opinion, is two kinds of jurisdictions, one the home of left wing people and the other of right wing. That solution suggests a reorganization of North America (the philosophical division exists in Canada as well) along ideological lines. A big project. Is anybody interested?

Filed under: Social media comments | January 21st, 2021